Web platform to share and convert to USDZ from a variety of formats.

USDZ is a new 3D asset file format from Apple which allows to easily share animated 3D assets with other iOS and MacOS users and to view them in Augmented Reality. allows to convert from glTF to USDZ for free and with a simple upload. The USDZ files are then hosted on the website and made available via a shareable link which can be sent to anyone with an iOS or MacOS device.

I noticed a gap in the market for a professional, clean and easy-to-use portal to convert existing assets to USDZ, and so decided to create a web portal to address this problem.

The web app was created using a variety of both front-end and back-end technologies, and uses a server-less architecture: the ReactJS app communicates with the Firebase database, handles authentication and display of content, whereas through Firebase Cloud Functions it interacts with the AWS services such as AWS Lambda and AWS S3.

Two of the main challenges were allowing interaction with the AWS S3 services without polluting the front-end ReactJS application with AWS-related API calls and packaging the USD library for Lambda correctly, for which much code refactoring was necessary.

I have published medium articles about the relative topics, challenges and solutions here and here which I encourage you to have a look at.

  • Date:February 2019
  • Tech:USDZ, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Firebase, ReactJS
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