A list of projects I worked on in the past, either on my own or as part of a team/company.

Slide AR

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Slide AR is the first Augmented Reality iOS app for 2D artists. The idea originated while watching a 2D illustrator use the Procreate app on their iPad. They saw that I was working on AR on my laptop and lamented that they'd love to make their art stand out using Augmented Reality, but there weren't any tools to do so.
The initial prototype I built attracted enough users that I decided to turn it into a full app.
Our Instagram account gained followers quickly, and many people have created tutorials for Slide AR independently from us.

Mosaico - AR Interior Design

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One of the things that make AR exciting to me is the concept of editing 3D virtual content remotely. I imagined what it would mean to create a 3D replica of the real world that one could use to add virtual content in it, without having to physically be there. So I built Mosaico, an end-to-end system (iOS app + 3D processing pipeline in the cloud) that allows capturing a room in your house and then do interior design on it.
How useful would it be if you then shared your room with an interior designer on the other side of the world, and collaborate on it in real time?
The video does it more justice than words so I encourage you to watch it.

Among The Stones

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Among The Stones is a 3D platforming videogame we developed at Bluedoor Games. It was inspired by our team's love of PS1-era platformers and of the cell-shaded graphics stlye of games such as Jet-Set Radio and Ōkami.
We developed it with Unreal Engine 4 and targeted the Playstation 4.
The game won a BAFTA award, and also the DARE Academy prize at Abertay Dundee in the UK.


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Klash is a 2D platforming game written in ActionScript 3 which is inspired by the 2D scrolling games on GameBoy Color I played as a kid. I developed it as coursework during my time at Abertay Dundee. I wrote a tile-based 2D engine with collisions, inputs, etc, and drew some of the sprites, like the animated ones. I remember having lots of fun working on it, especially when picking the background music, the sound effects, and making sure they fit the aesthetics of the game.
The repository is here.

More soon. WIP