Mosaico | AR Remote Interior Design


Remote Interior Design Platform.

Together with Jordan Campbell, we developed a new and unique platform which enables interior designers from anywhere in the world to work for clients located in other cities or countries, remotely.

Through the dedicated app, the clients of interior designers scan their environment, creating a 3D model of it, and upload it on the Mosaico platform. The interior designer can then work on this 3D model to add 3D models of furnitures with precision, since the model is to scale with the real world.

The user can then check the designer's work directly in the real-world environment through the Augmented Reality app, and suggest edits in real time.

To achieve this we developed a custom Cloud-Based photogrammetry pipeline using AWS EC2 GPU instances.

Our work attracted a lot of attention from companies such as Samsung and Autodesk as it was the very first demonstration of real-world remote editing capabilities with just a handheld device.

  • Date:August 2018
  • Contributors:Alberto Taiuti, Jordan Campbell
  • Tech:ARKit, AWS EC2, Python, JavaScript, Photogrammetry, AR Persistence, iOS
  • © 2018-2019 Alberto Taiuti and Jordan Campbell