I regularly publish articles on Medium about iOS and Augmented Reality. You can find them in the list below.

How USDZ Enables New Experiences for ARKit: Part One

Before we continue, let's understand what all these different file formats mean. Files with .usd, .usdc and .usda extensions all represent a USD scene file, but the way they store this data is different. Recall that a USD file can be thought of as representing a scene, and a USD scene is a hierarchy of nodes.

Creating WhatsApp-like animations in iOS

Since I started developing iOS apps, I have been paying more attention to how other extremely successful apps implement UI transitions so that I can implement them in my own ones.

Apple steals the AR scene at WWDC18

This year's WWDC was packed with AR-related content. Apple singlehandedly pulled the rug from under some of the main AR startups working in persistence and content sharing, and more. During the short interlude of the keynote dedicated to AR, Craig Federighi introduced ARKit 2 and showed off a list of new features which will be available with iOS 12.

Why Google Cloud Anchors doesn't deliver on the hype

At the Google I/O 2018 conference, Google announced the availability of its Cloud Anchors library. This library allows sharing of an AR session between two AR-enabled smartphones (for now, until we also have glasses) so that two users can interact with the same AR content, placed at the same location, effectively sharing the same scene.

Pre-Signed AWS S3 URLs with Firebase Functions

Say you want to let the users of your app upload or download from an S3 bucket without having to create complex IAM roles and permissions on AWS S3.