3D OpenGL 1.2 Win32 Scene

Scene with models and procedural shapes

3D Scene developed using the OpenGL 1.2 API for the module Graphics Programming at Abertay Dundee during my second year.
It features:

  • Volumetric dynamic shadows
  • Carmack's reverse
  • Hierarchical animation
  • A component-entity-sytem system (Lion Framework)
  • Model loading and rendering
  • Procedural 3D shapes generation
  • Mouse selection of objects with raycasting
  • AABBs
  • This project was my first 3D application written using the OpenGL API. It taught me the basics of 3D programming and laid the foundations of the knowledge required for using the programmable pipeline. I very much enjoyed building this engine from the ground-up and exploring more advanced techniques which were not required by the assessment guidelines. It was very gratifying to apply the mathematical concepts learnt in the Maths module on a 3D application and prove their high importance for games programming first-hand. Please have a look at the links provided for the release exe and the source code. Once the application has been launched, the camera can be controlled by using WASD and the mouse. By left-cliking on objects pointed by the camera, some of them will react.

    Special thanks to my classmates Stefano Musumeci, Ade Ilori Cross, Jiri Clik and Tom Hope and to my lecturer Paul Robertson for their awesomeness and for their help.

    Finally, many thanks also to Timea Tabori, John Carmack, NeHe and to the authors of the RedBook 1.2.


    Alberto Taiuti: developer

    Technology: C++, OpenGL, Win32, VS 2010

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