3D Vulkan Defrred Renderer

3D Graphics scene developed in C++ and Vulkan.

3D application developed to learn the Vulkan API and to test graphics programming techniques.
It features:

  • C++ 11
  • Use of the Vulkan API
  • Deferred shading
  • Normal, specular and diffuse maps
  • Position reconstauction from depth buffer
  • Normal-oriented hemisphere SSAO
  • Variance shadow mapping for point lights
  • Reinhard tonemapping
  • Gamma correct light calculations and final image storage
  • Online GLSL shader compilation with Google's shaderc
  • Use of best practices for Vulkan, e.g.: keep few descriptor sets
  • The outcome was to learn how to use the Vulkan API and to implement rendering techniques which are relevant to the graphics programming field as a learning exercise, in my spare time.

    A video showing the application can be found here: https://youtu.be/6Fy8QbXScJo

    Source code provided upon request.


    Alberto Taiuti: developer

    Technology: C++, Vulkan

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