Software Rasterizer in C

Multiplatform implementation of a software rasterizer.

Software rasterizer I am developing in my spare time in order to learn how a modern GPU works and how DX12/Vulkan work under the hood.


  • Coded in C
  • Portability: works on Windows and Linux
  • The API is easy to understand
  • Use of my threadpool library for multithreaded rendering
  • Use of CMake
  • The project is still very much under development, so keep checking the page for updates or follow the repo on Github. For this project I was mentored by Steven Tovey, SMTS at AMD. Thank you so much Ste!

    Many, many thanks to my dear friend Stefano Musumeci for his awesomeness and support.

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    Alberto Taiuti: developer
    Steven Tovey: mentor

    Technology: C, CMake

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