An arcade retro-style 2D platformer.

Klash is an arcade retro-style 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Super Mario Bros (Nintendo, 1985) and more modern games such as Super Crate Box (Vlambeer, 2010). It attempts to mimic the feeling given by old 8-bit platforms, while extending the mechanics thanks to the tools available nowadays.

It features the leaf-framework, a framework I wrote in AS3 which bypasses AS3's classical structure for events and displayObjects; instead, it uses raw bitmaps manipulation for rendering the objects and scenes achieving better performance.

The current build represents a demo, with one level available. It was developed as the coursework for the module Media Production for Games at The University Of Abertay Dundee during my first year, for which I received A+.

How to play
Once in-game, the main character can be controlled by using the arrow keys for movement, and "X" and "C" respectively for jumping and shooting.

Play the game clicking on the next button:

Klash - Play the game  

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Info & Curiosity

Alberto Taiuti: developer of the whole project

Technology: AS3, Leaf Framework

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