3D DirectX 11 Graphics Application

3D Graphics Application which uses DirectX11.

3D application developed as part of the coursework for the module Graphics Programming with Shaders at the University of Abertay Dundee in my third year. It features:

  • C++ 11
  • Use of DirectX 11.2
  • Classic programmable pipeline stages
  • Geometry stage
  • Tessellation stage, tessellation based on distance
  • Material-based rendering
  • Shadow mapping
  • Normal, specular and alpha mapping
  • Model loading from ad-hoc model file format
  • The outcome was to learn how to use the new graphics API which make use of the programmable pipeline, hence the requirement was to show the usage and understanding of the stages of the pipeline and a correct development of shaders to be used. More info can be found in the reports.

    Many, many thanks to my dear friends and classmates Stefano Musumeci, Jiri Klic and Ade Ilori Cross and to my lecturer Paul Robertson.


    Alberto Taiuti: developer

    Technology: C++, DirectX 11.2, Boost, VS 2013

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