Among The Stones

BAFTA-Nominated 3D Puzzle Platformer in Unreal Engine 4.

3D platformer developed by our team Bluedoor Games using Unreal Engine 4.

My role in the team was of Graphics and Game Programmer. I implemented many of the core mechanics, such as the tower spawning and stacking.
The game was submitted to DARE To Be Digital 2016 at Abertay Dundee and won the main prize, also being nominated for a BAFTA. It features:

  • Use of the C++ API
  • Exposure of functionalities through Blueprints
  • Custom-created C++ classes
  • Extensive use of the components system
  • Source control integration
  • A video showing the game can be found here:


    Developer: Bluedoor Games

    Technology: C++, Unreal Engine 4